Uyuni Salt Flats to San Pedro de Atacama

Ice ice baby… nope that’s salt. 10,582 square kilometres of salt surrounded by a mountain range that once upon a time split into two, creating a large bowl of salty water that should have reached the sea. Salar de Uyuni is the worlds largest salt flat in southwest Bolivia.

We opted for the three day Red Planet tour, travelling from Uyuni to San Pedro de Atacama. This cost us 1450 Bolivianos each (around £145) and included accommodation (one night in a salt hotel), all meals and a very safe and lovely 4×4 driver.

Bolivian salt flats

Water dissolves leaving behind the salt that forms in geometric shapes on the surface of the salt flats stretching for miles. The sunshine reflects off the salt creating a glistening instagramable haven. In wet season the flats become the world’s largest natural mirror.


Stunning red and multicoloured lagoons speckled with hundreds of flamingos. Andean, Chilean and James are the three types of flamingoes that live in these Bolivian lagoons. A day in the life of a flamingo is focused on consuming enough minerals from the water in order to turn their feathers pink. The pinker the flamingo the more likely they are to find a mating buddy. After all, pink makes the boys wink.


Rock Valley

Volcanic eruption followed by centuries of wind erosion has left a beautiful and ever-changing rocky mess for tourists to explore.


Sulphur bubbles from geysers in the ground creating a dramatic, stinky show. Mud pools bubble all around at a temperature of 130C degrees. Be careful not to fall in.


It’s incredible to experience such spectacular and varying terrain over three days. Millions of years of natures forces at work.